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How to File Witness Slips

  1. As a bill comes up in committee, the Chair reads “witness slips” from proponents and opponents of that particular bill.
  2. You can fill out a witness slip by going to the Illinois General Assembly Dashboard
  3. Choose House or Senate using the tabs on the left side of the page and then drop-down to select Committee.
  4. Click on the committee of jurisdiction and locate and select the bill.
  5. Click the far-right button to view hearing details and file a witness slip.
  6. Witness slips can be completed by individuals or on behalf of an organization. If you are submitting a slip as an individual, you can leave blank the spaces asking the name of your organization and entity/entities which you represent.
  7. You can provide either your home or work address, however if you are signing as an individual it is recommended that you provide your home address. If you represent an organization, use that address.
  8. You usually want to check the Record of Appearance Only box for the question regarding what kind of testimony you are presenting. If you have submitted written testimony or plan to testify in person, mark accordingly.
  9. You will then receive a confirmation email for your records.