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EMS Advisory Council Bylaw Changes for March 10, 2015


All Council meetings shall be held in accordance with the Illinois Open Meetings Act. Council meetings shall be conducted under the following provisions:

4.1 – All meetings shall be governed by the current edition of “Robert’s Rules of Order”, unless otherwise specified in these Bylaws. Rules of Order shall be utilized for teleconference, videoconference or 2way communication. (Utilize Robert’s Rules for obtaining the floor, speakers to identify themselves prior to presenting, and roll call votes.)

4.15- Consistent with the Open Meeting Act, the Council may hold Meeting from multiple locations simultaneously, provided that:

  1. Proper advance notice is given,
  2. One location is in the offices of IDPH,
  3. All sites are open to the Public; and
  4. All sites remain in two-way interactive video communications while the Council is in session.

4.2 – A quorum shall be present in order to convene the Council and conduct business. A quorum shall consist of a majority of the currently appointed voting members. A voting member is considered present if physically present or via teleconference, videoconference or able to maintain 2way communication connectivity (refer to Robert’s Rules on quorum for meetings).

Mobile Integrated Health: Update on Status

Mobile Integrated Healthcare – George reported that the group worked for 6-9 months preparing a package which was presented to the State Advisory Council on June 5, 2014 and it was unanimously approved with one abstention. George spoke with Jack Fleeharty on August 5, 2014 for an update on the progress. Difficulties with implementation of new programs IDPH is having also discussed. Reaching out to the Illinois Hospital Association for additional support was also discussed.

Keith Buhs, IDPH stated that Jack Fleeharty has met with the IDPH Regional Coordinators to review the packet and they have completed 50%. They are meeting next week to complete the review and it will be sent to IDPH Legal. A request was made that the working group hear as soon as possible if there are any issues or concerns with the proposed document prior to it going to IDPH Legal so that it can be resolved. The working group will reconvene in November to begin discussions on Phase II. George will send out a date for the next MIH meeting to the group.