Illinois EMS Alliance

EMS Advocacy: Making a Difference


Illinois EMS Alliance 

Mission Statement

The Mission of the Illinois EMS Alliance is to support the life-saving and quality-of-life enhancing work of emergency medical services (EMS) agencies and the individual EMS professionals & volunteers throughout Illinois. In collaboration with constituent Associations and organizations that are stakeholders in the delivery of quality EMS services to the state’s patients, The Alliance will serve as a clearinghouse for issues impacting EMS throughout the state.

The Alliance’s membership will develop and reach consensus on proposed policy positions and will organize vigorous advocacy of these positions to policy makers in local, state, and federal government. Additionally, The Alliance will promote the essential services of EMS provision of care to the people of Illinois. Furthermore, The Alliance will promote EMS as an integral partner in the delivery of public safety services, public health services, and health care in Illinois.

IEMSA Structure

Board members represent 18 different organizations with direct impact on EMS. House and Senate bills are reviewed by the Board for a decision on whether to support the bill, remain neutral on the bill or oppose the bill.

Provider’s Voice

IEMSA invites all EMS providers at all levels to weigh in on their opinion of hot topics, legislative watchlist, and new ideas for projects, funding, or other EMS issues. With over 50,000 EMS providers in the state, the best way to allow everyone’s voice to be heard is through this website.